Apply for Medicaid in NYCWhen having to manage the life event of a loved one transitioning from their familiar and comfortable home to a skilled nursing facility, it can seem all the more difficult when you add on having to Apply For Medicaid in NYC! At Prestige Medicaid, we’re here to help simplify the Medicaid application process and to clear up any preconceived notions you may have had regarding this service! You can count on us to be with you each step of the way so that you can have far less stress while being guided through the different aspects of attaining this vital assistance!

We at Prestige Medicaid come alongside you to lessen the burden of all that’s involved with getting together the required documentation for the application process, in addition to any other paperwork that’s needed. We know you have a lot on your mind already with the care of your family member, particularly if they have any substantial health issues!

Nursing Home Medicaid in NYC

As we have more than 10 years’ experience with Medicaid, you’re in great hands when you choose us! What’s more, we have expert financial advisors on hand for the purpose of confirming eligibility for you, as well as elder law attorneys to assist and advise you regarding asset transfers, spousal refusal and spousal planning, promissory notes, and guardianship.

When you Apply For Medicaid in NYC, the process can seem extremely daunting and overwhelming, but that’s where we come in! You can either call or email us for a no-obligation consultation today!

We can also answer any questions you may have, including whether or not you qualify, whether or not qualification can be affected due to the owning of a home, any essential actions that may need to be taken now so that you can qualify in the future, or how you can set up a loved one so that they can qualify. In addition, we’ll gladly inform you about what services and costs Medicaid will cover!

At Prestige Medicaid, we take joy in assisting our clients and their families in any way that we can! Just think how much easier life will be, once you Apply for Medicaid in NYC, it’s approved, and you have everything in place! Your family member will be safe and secure under the attentive, watchful, and outstanding care our associates will provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

No more having to worry if they’re okay at night or having to drive to their home to check up on them, prepare meals, etc. While it will certainly take a little time, eventually they’ll get settled and enjoy their new surroundings! They’ll be free to attend any of our recreational activities that appeal to them, where they’ll not only have fun but meet others with whom they’ll have much in common!

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If you’d like to find out more and/or are ready to Apply for Medicaid in NYC through Prestige Medicaid, we’d love to help make that happen! Please feel free to give us a call at (718)362-8282 whenever it works for you so that we can start working with you on this today!

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