Community Medicaid in Nassau CountyMedicaid can be a more complicated thing than it appears at first glance, and many inhabitants of New York might not even be aware of the fact that there are substantial differences between Community Medicaid in Nassau County and Institutional Medicaid. At Prestige Medicaid of New York, we are here to help simplify and streamline this process, in order to give you the clearest understanding of the Medicaid process, and particularly to help individuals who are in need of Community Medicaid in Nassau County to be able to take advantage of the smoothest and most direct process of applying for Medicaid.

What is the difference between Institutional Medicaid and Community Medicaid?

There are a number of differences between Institutional Medicaid and Community Medicaid, but first and foremost, Institutional Medicaid is for those who require institutional care – such as in a hospital or other facility – whereas Community Medicaid is specifically for those who require care which can be given at home, or in an assisted living facility.

Among other things, Community Medicaid includes provisions for medical care, in addition to things such as adult daycare, transport to and from doctors appointments and medical facilities, and various other special programs for those in applicable situations.

There are a number of other technical differences between the two different types of Medicaid as well, with one of these being the fact that Institutional Medicaid has a 5-year “look back” for transfers, whereas Community Medicaid has only a 2.5-year “look back.”

Is Medicaid the same as Medicare?

Medicaid and Medicare are not the same thing, and it is possible to have both. In fact, it is likely that you’ll want to have both if eligible.

Essentially, Medicaid is based on income and is managed by the states, with eligibility criteria varying from state to state.

Medicare, on the other hand, is managed by the federal government, and is based on age. Specifically, people aged 65 and older are eligible for Medicare, as well as some other individuals below the age of 65, who are eligible because of a particular disability or special condition.

Medicare is traditionally divided into “Four Parts,” listed from A-D. These break down as follows:
A: Helps to cover hospital stays and inpatient care
B: Helps to cover outpatient care and doctor’s visits
C: Combines parts “A” and “B,” and then adds cover for prescription drugs
D: Coverage for prescription drugs

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Community Medicaid in Nassau County has real potential to improve your quality of life, by helping you to better deal with day-to-day medical and care expenses, while simultaneously helping you to live as autonomously as possible, whether in your own home, or in an assisted living facility.

Along with everything else, Community Medicaid can make it easier for you to regularly attend important medical appointments, and to ensure that you are enjoying the requisite level of care on a daily basis, to ensure that you have the greatest possible opportunity to thrive over the course of everyday life.

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