Community Medicaid in Suffolk CountyIt’s not always easy to figure out the intricacies of Medicaid at first glance. In fact, for many New Yorkers, the difference between Community Medicaid in Suffolk County and Institutional Medicaid might seem tricky to pin down at first. Which of these two options would be the right one for you to explore?

At Prestige Medicaid of New York, we pride ourselves on our ability to help to clarify the process of understanding Medicaid and getting you the right Medicaid plan for your particular needs. Specifically, we aim to help those who have need of Community Medicaid in Suffolk County to identify the best path forward.

How do Institutional Medicaid and Community Medicaid differ?

Community and Institutional Medicaid differ in a variety of different ways, with the clearest and most obvious difference between the two being the fact that Institutional Medicaid is aimed at those need to be institutionalized in a care facility, while Community Medicaid serves those who need additional care while living at home, or in an assisted living facility.

Community Medicaid offers medical care provisions, as well as additional provisions for necessary services such as adult daycare, transport to and from medical facilities and doctors appointments, and a variety of additional special programs.

Among the various differences between the two types of Medicaid, it’s also significant that Institutional Medicaid has a “look back” period of 5 years for transfers, whereas the “look back” period for Community Medicaid is only 2.5 years.

Are Medicaid and Medicare the same?

Despite having similar names, Medicaid and Medicare are not the same program, and differ in some important ways. Additionally, it is possible — and often advisable — to have both Medicaid and Medicare.

Medicare is a program offered by the federal government, based on age. Those aged 65 years and older are eligible for Medicare, as are certain other younger individuals who are eligible due to a special condition such as a disability.

Medicaid, however, is based on income and is managed on a state level, meaning that eligibility criteria will vary from state to state.

Medicare has traditionally been divided into the following “Four Parts,” listed from A-D.
A: Helps to cover hospital stays and inpatient care
B: Helps to cover outpatient care and doctor’s visits
C: Combines parts “A” and “B,” and then adds cover for prescription drugs
D: Coverage for prescription drugs

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Community Medicaid in Suffolk County might significantly improve your quality of life in a range of different ways, by means of helping you to better cope with routine medical expenses, while at the same time maintaining the highest degree of autonomy in your own home, or in an assisted living facility.

By helping to facilitate travel to and from medical appointments, and by helping to ensure that you receive the proper level of care on a daily basis, Community Medicaid can help you to live your best life.

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