Medicaid Application Assistance in NYCIf you’re thinking of applying for Medicaid coverage in New York City, then you may want to get some help. Many Medicaid applicants often assume that they can just apply and get their coverage. And yes, it does happen.

But if you want to tremendously improve the chances of you not only getting Medicaid coverage, but one that completely serves your needs, then you need consultants who offer Medicaid application assistance in NYC.

At Prestige Medicaid Consulting, our in-house experts will help ensure that all your documents are in order, so as to lower your chances of getting denied –we have a high first attempt success rate. But if you have already applied and have received a denial notice, do not fret. We might still be able to help. Denials are contingent on many things.

Medicaid Eligibility Requirements May Differ Based on the State

Even though Medicaid is a federal program, the states are allowed to institute their requirements, in accordance with federal requirements.

For example, in some states, the income limits are flexible, while it’s not in some states –these are referred to as income cap states. What this means is Medicaid requires the beneficiary’s income to be within a band called the Modified Adjusted Gross Income.

In flexible states, even if your income exceeds this, the Medicaid application reviewer will consider other factors. In states where the rules aren’t flexible, once you exceed that amount, you’ll be disqualified, regardless of the reasons.

Simple Mistakes May Lead to Medicaid Coverage Denials

Sometimes, denials are caused by simple mistakes like:
● Incomplete or missing documents, personal details or information on the application
● Failing to respond to the agency’s queries or request for information on time
● Filing the application late
● Doctor forgot to properly sign and date your application

These seemingly simple mistakes may be done ignorantly, but they’ll cost you a lot in money that’s lost, and lead to denials. If you want to prevent this in New York City, reach out to Prestige Medicaid Consulting for proper Medicaid application assistance in NYC.

Application Denials May Not Be Your Fault

Here’s the one that’s quite alarming: sometimes, documents and filings get missing. Yes, the application reviewer may even lose or misplace your application.
When they’re unable to find these or the documents that were attached to the application, some of them issue denials to save themselves.

So, find out why your application was denied in the first place. If you did an excellent job with putting the application together in the first place, this is likely the cause of the denial. If so, it can be appealed.

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