Nursing Home Medicaid in NYCWhen doing research to find out about Nursing Home Medicaid in NYC, it’s understandable for one to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and as if it’s a task that seems insurmountable, but Prestige Medicaid is here for you! Together, we’ll help you complete each step of the process, and as we have more than 10 years’ experience dealing with Medicaid, so you don’t have to worry!

We understand that having a loved one who can no longer live on their own safely and securely is already a tremendous emotional strain in and of itself, but we’re here to help with navigating the process, and it’s going to be okay!

At Prestige Medicaid, we’re delighted to let you know that New York’s Medicaid program will pay for a nursing home for those with few assets who require skilled nursing care! We have an amazing staff that includes expert financial advisors who’ll take the time to do what’s needed to ensure eligibility!

In addition, we have elder law attorneys on hand to assist and advise you regarding these matters, including such circumstances as asset transfers, spousal refusal and spousal planning, promissory notes, and guardianship.

When seeking information about Nursing Home Medicaid in NYC, we invite you to either call or email us for a free, no-obligation consultation today! We’re also available to answer any questions you may have, including whether or not you qualify, whether or not qualification can be impacted by the fact that you own a home, as well as any essential actions you might need to take now so that you can qualify in the future, or how you can set up a loved one so that they can qualify. In addition, we’ll gladly inform you about which specific services and costs Medicaid will cover!

We at Prestige Medicaid consider it a privilege to assist our clients and their families in any way that we can! To help balance your thinking, just consider how much less you’ll have to stress out and be worried about your loved one’s safety and security, once they start this new phase of life at our facility with Nursing Home Medicaid in NYC!

No more wondering if they’re okay at night, having to drive over to their home to check on them, prepare meals, clean up for them, etc! While it will take some time, eventually they’ll adjust, then begin to appreciate some benefits of not being alone and be able to feel at home in their new surroundings! Not only that, they’ll have many opportunities to have social interactions with other residents and form new acquaintances and friendships!

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