Nursing Home Medicaid

The cost of skilled nursing and rehabilitative care in a facility can be exorbitant. Most health insurance providers, Medicare included, will only cover a finite amount of time for this type of treatment. Obtaining Medicaid coverage to continue care is vital for those on the long upward journey to recovery. Many find the process of applying to be difficult and tedious, which causes an enormousness source of stress during an already difficult time.

Prestige Medicaid Consulting offers relief by handling the application of your behalf while working with you step by step through the various requirements. Our service begins with financial planning, walking you through the steps to achieve Medicaid eligibility, and ends with approval. We work closely with the facility providing care, ensuring that our clients have the peace of mind knowing that their loved one will continue to receive the necessary care.

Community Medicaid

Long term care does not always happen in a institutional setting. For those living on their own, the financial strains of getting the necessary care at home can be costly. Prestige Medicaid Consulting will submit an application on your behalf and guide you through the steps required to get the services you need. We will help you navigate the laws of Medicaid eligibility using the appropriate routes to get an approval.

We also assist those in need of a Pooled Income Trust and Home Care connect with the appropriate organizations so that they may utilize their Medicaid to get the care they need.

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